What is stress?

Stress is a type of human reaction that happens to everyone. The human body Naturally is designed to experience stress and behave. When you experience changes or challenges , your body produces physical and mental responses. That’s stress.

What happens to the body during stress?

When a person has long-term (chronic) stress, continued activation of the stress response causes wear and tear on the body. Physical, emotional and behavioral symptoms develop.

Causes of Stress?

  • Factors such as genetics, brainology  and your Surroundings which  play’s a major role.
  • first degree relatives with generalized anxiety disorder
  • environmental concerns, such as child abuse
  • substance use
  • situations such as surgery or occupational hazard

What are the symptoms of Stress disorders?

  • anxious thoughts or beliefs that are difficult to control
  • restlessness
  • trouble concentrating
  • difficulty falling asleep
  • fatigue
  • irritability
  • unexplained aches and pains

Treatment of Stress (how to deal with stress)

  • Psychotherapy. Therapy can include cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure response prevention. This therapy perform by psychological counsellor.
  • Complemental health techniques. Mindfulness, yoga for stress relief, and self-management strategies such as stress management are ways to treatment of stress.
  • Other treatments of stress disorder.Getting enough sleep for relieve from stress , Meditating reduces stress, Staying active and exercising, Eating a healthy diet , Avoiding alcohol, Avoiding caffeine work as a stress reliever, Quitting smoking cigarettes if you smoke.
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